Team Registration

Team registrations are now closed for 2018 - Season 2

PLAYER DETAILS FORM (See below) :  Is only required from current teams 2018 Season 1,  if there are major changes to the current Team List/s.

PLAYER DETAILS FORM (See below) : Required for ALL NEW TEAMS that register for 2018 Season 2.  This will be mandatory for All Junior Teams 9/Us, 11/Us, 13/Us, 15/Us and 17/Us.

Player Details Form

A Players' Details Form is Mandatory for Junior Teams, (this includes 15s and 17s).

Netball Victoria Registration

The Prahran Netball Association is affiliated with Netball Victoria. As such, all participants must ensure that they have paid the compulsory insurance levy prior to taking the court for the first time. Click on the Netball Victoria Registration button below to 'Renew NV Registration' at "Return User" OR at "First Time Participant" if you need to register on this system for the First Time.

Individual Player Registration

Don't have a team but want to join, complete an individual player registration form.