Ballarat & Waverley District Tournament Results

On Sunday 3rd May 2015, all teams (except for the Under 13 team 1) competed at two different tournaments. The Under 15 Team 1, Under 15 Team 2 and Under 13 Team 2 competed at the Ballarat Netball Association Tournament and the Under 11 Team 1, Under 11 Team 2 and Under 15 Team 3 competed at the Waverley District Netball Association Tournament. Below are the Coaches Reports from the day.

Ballarat Netball Association Tournament

This was the first country tournament for the Prahran Netball Association and all the girls were excited to travel down and stay overnight in Ballarat.  It was a good opportunity for the players to bond together over dinner and a movie.  A huge thank you to our parent helpers who cooked dinner for as all (Dave, Rachel, Sharon & Sue) and to all the other parents that played chauffeur over the weekend by driving the girls to and from Ballarat.  Everyone was so supportive and made it such a successful weekend.  Click here to check out the pictures.

Under 15 - Team 1 - Coaches Report

The UNDEr 15 TEAM 2 AT the end of the Tournament. HAPPy but Exhausted!

The first game of the day was against Geelong and after a tight goal for goal start; the girls were able to pull away for a 10-goal win.  Next up was another Geelong team and again it was a goal for goal game with the girls losing by just one-goal. For the second time this year at a tournament, the two Prahran teams came up against each other in the next round. With a similar game to last time, team 2 started strong with their defenders and midcourters shutting out our attack end. With a few late goals by team 1, they were able to come away with a one-goal win. For the rest of the day they had two more wins and three more losses (which included another one-goal loss and a four-goal loss). With only 8 players for the day, the girls were extremely exhausted by the end and it was a fantastic effort for them to finish 5th on the ladder.

Under 15 - Team 2 - Coaches Report

The Under 13 Team 2 reacts to hearing that they have made the finals!!

The day started with close matches against Geelong, Golden City and Prahran team 1. An ankle injury in the Prahran vs. Prahran match saw the team down to 8 players and a one-goal loss. Next up were a couple of tough matches against Ballarat and GDFL followed by a well-deserved Bye, giving the girls some time to recover. They started the next round with all 9 players and had a close match against Ballarat FNL.  A back injury forced the team back down to 8 players, however they ended the rounds strongly with two wins to finish the day on a high.

Under 13 - Team 2 - Coaches Report

This was the first tournament of the year for the Under 13 Team 2 and all players were present and excited. The first game of the day produced a nervous start for the girls, however by the second round they bounced back with a convincing win. The girls played some very competitive netball over the day with some superb shooting by the goalers, and supported by some tough defence by the defenders and midcourters who created plenty of opportunities for the team. The best win of the day for the girls came during their match against Golden City. They were down by 5 goals at half time and came back to win by 5 goals.  Very exciting stuff! The girls were rewarded for their hard work during the day by finishing fourth on the ladder (by percentage) and making it to their first Semi Final.  Although they were unable to advance to the Grand Final, it was a fantastic effort by the girls in their first tournament of the year.

Waverley District Netball Association Tournament

Under 11 - Team 1 & 2 - Coaches Report

On a beautiful sunny day at Waverley District, our two under 11 teams were excited and ready to take to the court. Our 11/2 team had a fantastic day with three wins, one draw and one loss finishing second on the ladder and they were over the moon. With only 8 players by the end, the girls were pretty tired by the last game, but excited with their results. It was a great team effort and loudly supported by some very vocal parents. Well done to you all.

The 11/1 team came up against some tough competition in the first round against Altona. The Altona team were just too strong and big for our girls; however, they did not give up.  The girls then had two close matches going down by one goal in both, followed by two wins to finish off a fantastic day. Very proud of both teams and there were smiles all round after the medal presentation. Click here to check out the pictures.

Under 15 - Team 3 - Coaches Report

The girls fought hard all day trying to secure a win. In their last 2 games they were up against Sale and Traralgon; and after a very tight contest they unfortunately lost to them by 2 goals. The girl’s encouragement throughout the day and a constant supply of lollies kept their spirits up and ensured they tried their best in every game.