Are You Ready for Finals?

Congratulations to all the teams that made it to the finals this week.

Final Times - All players to arrive 35 mins before game time. Shooters to arrive 45 mins before game time to practice. Please ensure you check the traffic before you leave to ensure you arrive on time.

  • 13/2: 6pm (court 5)
  • 15/2: 6.50pm (court 3)
  • 15/1: 7.40pm (court 4)

Player Court Time – As stated in the Prahran Netball Association Representation Guidelines…“For finals, coaches are advised to play their best team combination according to team balance and player performance at the time.  All players in 13/U must have a minimum (1) quarter court time during the finals series.   For 15/U teams, court time in the finals is at the discretion of the coach.”

Umpiring – These are some helpful suggestions that will help players leading up to the finals when it comes to umpiring decisions. Although the below rules may not have been enforced throughout the season, they will be during the finals.

  • Start/end of quarters: The umpires whistle starts and stops the game, not the siren.
  • Change of ends: At 1/4 time and 3/4 time it is a straight change of ends. You can’t go off the court or have a drink at change of ends.
  • Injury: Only the player with the injury can call time (not the coach, umpire or spectator).
  • Throw-ins: Always look down and address the line (if you don’t address the line, the umpire will reverse the decision). Your foot should not be on the line, but behind it. Ensure all players are back on court before taking the throw in (otherwise the umpire will reverse the decision).
  • Penalty Pass: the penalised player should stand beside the player taking the Penalty Pass. The umpire should not have to continually ask players to correctly stand out of play (an umpire can advance the penalty if the player doesn’t stand out of play quickly enough). The player with the ball should wait until the penalised player is standing beside before taking the pass (otherwise the umpire will reverse the decision).
  • Centre Pass: Listen and look at the umpire to see whose Centre Pass it is.  Do it quickly.  Stand clearly in the centre circle and do not step or shuffle feet. 'Stepping' in the centre circle and 'not' wholly in the centre circle is a common infringement.  It should not happen.

Good luck to all the players this Thursday. Go Prahran!