Player Information

This information is for Prahran Netball Association representative players and parents.   Please keep an eye on this page and the Rep News page for up to date information on games, trainings, tournaments and anything else you might need to know.

What's New...

  • Tournament List for 2019 - Updated (24/03/2019).

  • Unavailability Form Now on Team aPP . (24/01/2019)

  • Updated 2019 Pre-Season Training Program (Fitness & Shooting Programs). This is located on the Training Resources page under the Rep Tab. This is a password protected page. Please ask your coach for the password. (24/01/2019)

Information Booklet / Guidelines

The information booklet is provided to all PNA rep players at the beginning of the season and provides guidelines and code of behaviour for players and parents/guardians. 

Team App

Rep information and correspondence between coaches and players/parents is communicated through Team App. This is a free app which can be downloaded onto your smartphone.  If you don’t have a smartphone, you can still sign up and receive your notifications via email.  Click here to download instructions or click here to visit the Prahran Rep Team App Website.

Information featured on the Prahran app includes: weekly game schedule (including scoring/fruit roster), results, ladder, tournaments, team contact details, rep news, unavailability, and a chat function.


All training sessions will be held on Sunday's at the Orrong Romanis Courts between 9am to 12:30pm. Below are the 2019 training times for Season 1 (unless advised differently by your coach).  

  • 11/U Team 1 - 9am - 10am

  • 17/U Team 1 - 9am - 10.30am

  • 15/U Team 1 - 10am - 11.30am

  • 15/U Team 2 - 10am - 11.30am

  • 13/U Team 1 - 11am - 12.30pm

  • 13/U Team 2 - 11am - 12.30pm

Weekly Competition

All Under 13, 15 and 17 Teams participate in the 2019 Monday/Thursday Night Autumn and Spring Competitions at the Waverley Netball Centre. All players are required to arrive at least 30 mins before their game to undertake a warm up.

Fixtures and Ladders can be found on the Waverley Netball website ( by selecting Competitions > Fixtures/Results and choosing the appropriate section. Below are the sections that Prahran are in for the 2019 Spring Competition:

  • 13/Under - Team 1 - Thursday 13/U - Section 3

  • 13/Under - Team 2 - Thursday 13/U - Section 6

  • 15/Under - Team 1 - Thursday 15/U - Section 2

  • 15/Under - Team 2 - Thursday 15/U - Section 8

  • 17/Under - Team 1 - Monday 17/U - Section 2


As a parent of a Prahran representative player, it is your responsibility to participate in the scoring roster developed by the Team Manager.

Collecting the score sheet

  • The home team scorer collects the score sheet from the office (before the game when players are warming up).

  • Outside games: Both scorers must stand together and the home team scorer chooses which end they stand down.

  • Inside Games: The home team scorer fills out the score sheet and the away team scorer is responsible for the electronic scoreboard.

Filling out the score sheet

  • Ensure that all players names are included on the score sheet and mark their positions. If there are fill in players, ensure their name and date of birth is recorded on the back of the score sheet.

  • For every goal scored, an entry must be made against the player position who shot it (e.g. GA or GS) and cross off the score against the progressive goal count for the team.

  • Record the centre passes in the relevant section (e.g use the first letter of the teams to keep track).

  • At the end of each quarter, total up the scores for each individual player and the total for the quarter. Check this against the progressive goal count to ensure there are no discrepancies.

Returning the score sheet

  • At the end of the game total the end scores.

  • If there is a dispute or disagreement regarding the total scores at the end of the game; DO NOT SIGN THE SCORE SHEET. Bring it to the attention of the coach and umpires.

  • If there are no issues, then the scorers, umpires and a player from each team sign the score sheet.

  • The home team scorer will then return the score sheet to the office.


PNA attend between 4 - 8 netball tournaments during the year (depending on the age group and team). Tournaments are held on Sunday's and usually run from the morning (8:30am-9:00am) until mid to late afternoon depending on the number of games and finals. Tournaments consist of a round robin of 6-10 games of two 7-8 minute halves.

Please ensure that you come prepared with plenty of fluids, food and snacks. There are canteens and BBQ's available to purchase food on the day.  Full rep uniform is compulsory (dress, socks, training top/hoodie or jacket).

Tent Duty

We have two tents that we bring to most tournaments.  The tents are used as shelter and a home base for our teams during the day.  We ask that all parents rostered on to Tent Duty assist in the transportation, setting up and dismantling of the tents on tournament day.

  • Pick up tent(s) from the Orrong Romanis courts on the Saturday before the tournament.

  • The tents are quite large so a wagon or 4WD will be needed to transport them.

  • Collect tents and tent bags which contain the tent walls, pegs and tarp.

  • Arrive at the tournament early to help setup tents and to ensure a good location. Discuss with coaches where they would like the tents.

  • Help dismantle tents. If your daughter's team is not in finals you may dismantle and take a tent early but please ensure that at least one tent remains for the teams in finals.

  • Return tents the following Saturday or at the next training session.

Netball Bag

All Prahran representative players are given a netball bag when they began. It is compulsory for all 13/U, 15/U and 17/U players to bring their bag to ALL games, training and tournaments. Below is an example of a well packed netball bag and the items that should be included (assuming that a player already has their dress, shoes and socks).

  1. Prahran hoodie/jacket and spare socks

  2. Sports towel

  3. Healthy snack (e.g. muesli bar, protein balls, fruit)

  4. Hair ties and bobby pins

  5. Optional - Personal first aid kit (e.g. strapping tape, nail scissors, tissues, Band-Aids etc)

  6. Optional - MP3 player (training only during fitness sessions)

  7. Drink Bottle and optional hydrolyte satchels (for pre-game)

  8. Notebook & Pen (to keep a record of all netball information given by coaches)

  9. Skipping Rope


If you need to purchase any additional uniform items please contact us or speak to your coaches at training. 

Polo - $20

Hoodie - $40

Jacket -$20   (second hand)

Jacket - $20   (second hand - limited stock)


Socks - $10