PNA Response to Chaddy Bowls’ Club Video

Over the weekend the Chaddy Bowls Club released a video. You have probably seen it.  PNA has no argument with Chaddy Bowls Club. We sympathise with Terry, Janine and Wyn.  PNA agrees that our bowlers should continue to play bowls (and make great videos) and PNA calls on Council to find a fair solution for the Chaddy Bowls Club.

There is room for everyone at Percy Treyvaud Reserve where the Chaddy Bowls Club is currently located.  PNA supports the Chaddy Bowls Club being relocated in brand new facilities at Percy Treyvaud reserve if the two un-used bowling greens at Malvern East, less than 2 kms away, are not suitable.   

The case for a stadium in Stonnington is a strong one.  There are 4,000 registered and netball and basketball players in Stonnington.  Netball, the most popular of female team sports is provided with just two courts, one of which is undersized. Basketball is provided with no competition courts. 

Meanwhile there are 26 cricket pitches and ovals catering almost exclusively for football, cricket and rugby.  Each of the pavilions attached to those ovals has undergone or is about to undergo a pavilion redevelopment in line with Council's 2009 strategy.   Council needs to address the serious lack of sporting resources provided to girls in Stonnington.   

There are 50 active bowling club members at Chaddy Bowls Club on a very large parcel of land.  More than 500 social members have joined Chaddy Bowls Club since the announcement of the feasibility study.  

The proper and right minded approach to decide whether a Sports Stadium should be built on the Chaddy Bowls Club site so that more than 2,000 people can participate in an indoor sport per week is through the feasibility study currently being undertaken by Council.  

There is a win-win solution where Chaddy Bowls Club gets new and better facilities and Stonnington gets its much needed Stadium.  

PNA has been asking Council for more than 30 years to provide a fair share of sporting resources for girls.

 Let's build this stadium.